How to help your child discover their creativity

Children as young as 3 years old may begin learning the violin.

Lessons are creatively adapted for each student, and are made up of lots of fun and games in an exciting and stimulating environment.

Parents are encouraged to attend lessons and take note of the key points learned in each lesson to help with practice at home.

I enjoy encouraging students to engage fully in discovering the answers to questions such as "Why does that note not sound right?", and "How can I improve my sound?" with the goal to ultimately create an encouraging environment for the student to practice efficiently and effectively at home.

Students are consistently reminded that playing and practicing the violin is "easy", and there is always a solution.

Students are given the opportunity to discover their own solutions, and are encouraged to make their own musical decisions about phrasing, bowing and fingering depending on the level and ability of the student.

Performing in front of friends and family and during formal concerts are a big part of the students violinistic development, and are a great way to become confident with performing and standing up in front of an audience.

Attending live concerts and listening to recordings of the great violinists are encouraged. Developing the ear through listening is vital and necessary skill of being a violinist.

I strive to make my lessons enjoyable, creative and a fun environment for learning. Students come away from the lesson feeling they have achieved something, no matter how small.